Monday, April 19, 2010

Starting over? Here's How to Guide over 50

Good Morning!

Over Fifty and Single Again? 

Oh how well I know. It is all up to your attitude. Let me start off with a little story.

Anecdote: Back in the late 1980's I had a patient who had been widowed a couple of years. She lived on a small ranch in Oklahoma, an outdoors kind of girl. She also had a face that was like the bottom of a shoe. She wore buffalo plaid shirts over jeans and had on her ranch boots when she came to see me. Knowing her situation, I asked how things were going. She flashed a great big smile (this is very attractive to men) and said terrific. Well, I'm thinking " what's up?". She then elaborated that she had joined the local Knife and Hatchet throwing club. This girl was smart. She didn't want to throw knives, she knew where the boys were.
Oh Annette, you were right! Well our girl mustered all of her courage and showed up. The crusty old outdoor men there asked her what she wanted. She said, teach me to throw knives and hatchets. They did. Now pretty much all of these guys have been given grief by their wives for spending time throwing knives and hatchets, and a few of them were single. Some weekends they traveled to other towns for demonstrations, competetions, and shows. Our girl was sitting pretty. Dating like crazy and very likely to meet Husband #2.

 Get the point?

Don't sit at home.

Muster your courage and find them, they are not looking for you.

Now another thing I know is that people who are successful actually do something. Talking about doing something, wishing something will happen, and planning for something to happen are nice but success comes from action.

What are you willing to do today to get you from being single to where you want to be?
Perhaps you want to take the time to decide what it is you want.  Do you want company? Do you want attention? Do you want affection? Do you want to be in a committed monogamous relationship?
Coupling up after 50 has its landmines filled with children, inheritance, health, and money. I think dealing with that is much more hazardous than STD's. What do you think?

Catch you soon!

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