Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ok, dating guide, you don't have to be over 50

I saw a post from a coworker on Facebook who feels that MR. RIGHT will turn up this year.
What impressed me was that she felt there was only one.

In my humble opinion there are 300 million people in the US alone. How many Mr. Rights are out there?
HUNDREDS! Maybe more. How many do I need?  For me, one ( at a time, at least ).

How did everybody find someone in their own backyard?

This is COMMON. Lord, this even happened before the internet !


  • Get a haircut and color.  Get rid of the grey, unless this is a deliberate look. Ask opinions. They count. If it stinks the first time, keep going until you find your look. When strangers compliment you you've got it!
  • Learn to put on some makeup.  Go to the makeup counter in the big department store and ask for help. They are usually so bored, they will spend hours. Don't be passive. Ask to take it all off and for you to do a return demonstration. It only works if you can do it. I am not talking about TammyFaye, or major upkeep, but unless you are under 25, it will help. Be nice and buy something, but you don't need to drop a fortune.
  • OK, now go upstairs to lingerie. Never underestimate the power of "foundations". Bras nowadays can make anyone look terrific. Big, little, perky, droopy. You name it you will look terrific under your clothes. By the way, foundations are now shapewear. The preformed cups in bras are not only comfortable, but give you a great shape. Buy two. Make sure one is black.
  • Underwear. As a gynecologist I have no idea why thongs were created. Wear anything that doesn't look industrial and is comfortable. Sexy is great but ususally very uncomfortable. Power panties rock, and will make anyone feel and look great under clothes. Again, buy two. One in black.
  • Now time for tops.  COLOR! It gives you life, it breathes and makes you younger. Even if you have lived life with the Amish, it is time to show off your assets. There are lots of brands of comfortable pretty tops that are inexpensive with V necks or scoop necks. Buy two.
  • I am going to leave dresses, skirts, and slacks to you. Basics are good starters. Think just at the knee or just below the knee. Again, unless you have perfect legs or are under 25, don't go above the knee.
  • Shoes. Make sure you know how to walk in heels. They may be hell on your feet, but they make your legs look great. If not, get the cutest flats you have ever seen.
Well, how do you feel? Pretty good, I expect. That's right.
 YOU CAN DO IT! Watch out guys, here she comes........

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