Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello World!

Ladies Doctor is my blog to tell stories, give information and facts, and relay the wisdom collected as a gynecologist. I am currently practicing gynecology with Cleveland Clinic. For compliance with HIPPA ,  I will not reveal information that can identify patients. I will, however relay their stories, hilarious, and true, questions, concerns, and the conversations we have had throughout my 30 years of medical practice.

This blog is my answer to all of you who have encouraged me to write a book. After all, I went to medical school so I did not have to write a big paper to get an advanced degree. Blogging seems just the right medium for my storytelling. My patients and the women whom I have served have proven to be the real teachers of life's lessons, and persistent quetions.

I will begin tomorrow with the HEARTBREAK of HERPES. How to have a difficult conversation.

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