Thursday, August 12, 2010

No matter what, you will be a NEW BRIDE

Many years ago, my mother, the font of wisdom, told me that when I made dinner for my inlaws for the first time to make a chicken. "YOU CAN"T KILL A CHICKEN." she said. No matter how you make it, it always turns out!

Of course, I was going to make a chicken for my soon to be inlaws.
They drove up from Southern Missouri to Kansas City to join my indended and I for the trip BACK EAST for the wedding.

It was to be my first dinner for the in laws. The only problem was that I was scheduled to work the evening shift in the Emergergency Room, and I would not be there.


Thoroughly Modern Millie and Boy Wonder had purchased a MICROWAVE.
This was living. Dinners in minutes instead of hours! High tech for 1979.
I set the controls  with the delay feature for dinner to be ready when everyone arrived at my little apartment.


You guessed it. Rubber Chicken.
You could have ridden the damn thing back to NYC as a tire.

They had spaghetti my mother in law threw together from the pantry. New Bride syndrome in spades! And not even the bride yet. It's a wonder they didn't stop Boy Wonder from getting on the plane. I guess they thought somehow things might improve with time. I was actually a good cook, but had never owned a microwave until then.

OOPS. Note to self:
Don't try out a new technology, let alone a new recipe on guests.

Now I am the mother in law. My daughter in law is a great cook, but who cooks? All that matters is that my son is the happiest guy on the planet, and its all because of her. 

So for their first anniversary, I dedicate this entry.

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  1. Lovely... just wonderfully evocative and memorable. Thanks.