Sunday, August 22, 2010

When the Tripmeter Resets to Zero

I had the opportunity to meet a new patient recently whose life had been turned upside down. This is a common occurrence, but since this was her first time, I took the opportunity to stick my nose in her business.

As a more experienced and wiser woman ( code for kicked around more, and OLD ) I let her know that life has simply pushed the reset button on her tripmeter. She is at Zero.

 Lots of opportunity at Zero.

Means you are no longer on the old path, but get to choose a different one. You are able to reflect, learn and sometimes avoid the mistakes of the past, and forge ahead in a direction of your choosing.

For too many people, they don't figure out this is the silver lining to their black cloud. They have choices, and are at a crossroad. They go down the familiar path leading to the same black cloud outcomes. I just simply informed her that the path she chooses, is just that, a choice. No guarantees, but the scenery changes.

Oddly enough, this seemed to give her some reassurance and help her in healing from being upended. Since my therapist pals tell me this is likely to occur 3-4 times in a lifetime, best to learn in round one.

So next time you come across someone whose life has been stopped or diverted, its' just that old tripmeter being reset to Zero.

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