Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have a lovely patient whose issues with her sexuality I understand. She has always been very sexually responsive, and this waned recently. For  her, it was most distressing. We tried a few things, and found the right balance to get things back on track. For this she is most appreciative. She gave me a bottle of
 KY Intense for Christmas. What a woman!

What I really like about this lady, is that she did not give up with the first try. She allowed me to work with her to get to her happy place. That is most unusual as we have been led to believe that answers, solutions, and cures are almost instantaneous with coming to a doctor's office. Testing sometimes is done in real time with immediate read outs of imaging and results of tests. Online access to results fast tracks communication.

Medical problems are usually not acute, and develop over time. Diagnosis and treatement sometimes takes time, as well as healing. Just some thoughts next time you go to the Doctor. Discuss time. Be explicit about your expectations for the visit, and make sure you and the doc communicate on the importance of your problems to you. We can then address the issues with you on a level that speaks to you clearly.

Hope this helps.

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