Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello all
The Holidays are upon us, and cyber week was a grand success! I was minding my own business when...I browsed through to find a movie one of my sons's wanted. In the featured cyber week ads were TVs.

Hmmm I thought, wonder if one would like to find its way to my bedroom? Or maybe the spirit of Xmas will fill me and I will see if my Mom would like one to replace her ancient tube. Well I am on the Amazon page, and call Mom. No she says, her tiny kitchen TV is just right for her and that 32 inch flat screen won't fit. OK then, now I am still thinking about the bedroom, when the mouse wanders over to the upper right hand of the screen, and I click to close out the page.

At least that's what I thought I did. No, I find out on Tuesday next. I look up the " Where's My Stuff" part of Amazon to find the movie I purchased for sonny boy. It asks if I want to track my ORDERS, emphasis on the S.
Just what have I done? Well looks like that 32 inch flat screen is on a truck headed for Grandma's house. I have ONE CLICKED MY MOTHER A TV.

This is at 8:30 am. My Mother is a night owl and rarely wakes prior to 9am. I call her. Ma, Ma listen, I need your help. I accidently ordered a TV and it is headed to you NOW. It is on the truck for delivery. I have her attention.

She bolts out of her fog, and starts up with " I can't wait all day for UPS, I have a hair appointment" and I have to go to the doctor. My ride is going to pick me up at such and so. I am now begging her to help me out of my embarassing mess. I frantically look up the returns part of Amazon. Seems simple enough. Reason for return... hmmmm. stupidity is not listed. OK, not wanted anymore ( or ever, actually ). I click, the instructions say, not to worry, the UPS driver will come get this TV tomorrow with a return label. My cost can go up to a total of $18.86. Chump change for idiocy. I am so happy free shipping goes both ways. I am hoping that this will not be a disaster.

By now my mother has all her feathers ruffled, going on and on about the UPS driver, needing to be home, and having to go to her appointments. I am pleading, just let him push it in the door and wait for another nice man to come take it away......Please Please...... She is near hysterical thinking they will leave it in her hallway in a NYC apartment building. God no I hope, gone in 60 seconds flashes through my mind.

Now I am guilty thinking I am going to give some poor guy a hernia dragging the TV to her apartment just to have her tell them what a moron her daughter has been, then the next guy the same rant when he comes to pick it up. I am sunk.

OK Mom, its not going to be a little box. It's a 32 inch flat screen TV. Big Box. Ok, ok, hopefully they won't show up until 7pm when you are back from the doctor. Ok she says. I cross my fingers.
Give me the tracking number she asks. Ok, I whimper.

I am terrified to call her in the evening to see how things have gone. She has called UPS to track the package. On the truck, out for delivery they say. They advise her to refuse delivery. Return to sender.
The driver eventually drags the TV to her apartment. Its a woman. Worse than I feared. She pleads with my mother to keep the TV. Lady, its a 32 inch flat screen TV someone wants to GIVE YOU for Xmas!!

No, Mom insists, her little tube is just fine. TAKE IT BACK. Ok, the driver says and drags the thing back to the truck. Now my mother lives on the 19th floor of a high rise. This has not been a good day for the UPS lady. I am doubly guilty again hearing the tale.

Well, its back on the truck. I hope.

Hope your HOLIDAYS are filled with the joys of the season. I know mine are.

Until next time ................

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  1. Oh no! I can understand your frustration... My grandmother is the same: we all know to keep our receipts when we give her gifts because no-one EVER gets it right.