Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breaking Cycles

Have you ever noticed how everything breaks at the same time?

Mother taught me that if you have $10 you will soon have a $15 problem.
If you have $100 you will have a $300 problem, and so on. It's just life.

Breaking cycles are the ones where the dishwasher decides to spray water everywhere, the highest lighbulbs in the house go out, and the check engine warning lights up on your car all in the same day. It takes three months to get everything back to "normal" and pay off all the vendors.

I will see a patient a for her yearly exam who has gone through one of these cycles. The dog died, her gallbladder was removed a month later, and now she has some funky aches and pains. It's a breaking cycle. We will investigate, patch her up, and get her back in the game, but it takes months of doctor visits, tests, therapies, new medications, not to mention navigating the bills from hospitals, doctors, labs, etc. Just when you think you are A OK, its time to start up with the routine maintenence.

Oh joy.

Then you sit back and relax with the delusion it will not happen again. NOPE. You will have breaking cycles. They happen all the time. Life finds your weak spot and just for fun, pokes the heck out of it just to see you squirm.
Since I don't personally believe in hell, the universe must conspire to relieve its boredom from living in geologic time somehow. That's my theory of breaking cycles. Why do we go back into denial that now that everything is fixed, it will  always stay that way? Is that what our inner voice want us to hear? Is it a protective stance to shelter us from the inevitable?

Just my thoughts today about why mother told me there would be days like this...........

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  1. I think it is what our inner voice Needs to hear and that's why we tell it to ourselves. If people truly believed that "we don't matter in the big picture" what would be the motivation for getting up in the morning and doing productive work? Cognitively our gut decides and our rational mind makes up reasons why.