Sunday, October 10, 2010

In the confessional : GYN 101

Hello out there

After a few visits, and sometimes just one, women approach me with their deepest concerns, fears, and secrets.  Frequently it starts out as a question, but as the conversation flows, the information is shared. 
This is a challenge for me. I am not a priest. But I do have an oath of confidentiality sworn or go to HIPPA Hell.
I have never revealed a confidence, as many women reveal their secrets of past lovers, current amours, pregnancies lost or terminated,, sexual practices, I sometimes wonder if I were meant to hear all of this.

There are days I don't think I get paid enough to listen, or to share advice mother certainly should have done years ago, but here I am. Somehow I manage to maintain an open nonjudgmental attitude and discern what my patient wants and needs from me by the telling. Mostly acceptance, sometimes affirmation, sometimes just someone to listen. Then there are those who want intimate advice regarding their sexual function, and need pointers. Good luck if they are looking to me for help. I am a pretty straight shooter. 

I once had a woman reach into her purse and pull out a split of champagne and two glasses for us to share. She was wildly in love, but with a married man. Until he left his wife and was free to date openly, secrecy was necessary. We had known each other for years, and she wanted to share her unbridled joy. 
We drank a glass, hugged, and a year later she was a married woman, pregnant with her first child.

When I go, so do the details. I never write this down, its too intimate for insurance companies, however I always remember.
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